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A year-round comfort of your home

Even the highest-end real estate requires the most delicate care, especially if you don’t live in your new home full time.

We are entrusted with comprehensive care of houses, villas, and estates by the most demanding customers who want to be 100% sure that their property is in the safest hands.

For many years, we have been offering the professional management services to owners of luxury real estate in Greece, including:

- real estate management

- housekeeping and care for utility equipment

- care and maintenance of personal transport

- security

- service personnel

Having worked on the Greek service market for many years, we now can provide you with the best responsible and reliable employees with great references and vast expertise in servicing the most aristocratic homes of Greece.

For taking care of your home, we can provide:

- a home care assistant

- a maid

- a gardener

- a babysitter

- a pool maintenance professional

Exclusive VIP services for villa care in Crete.

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Now you can leave your home with peace of mind, because you know it will get even better by the time you return.

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+30 6939030410
+30 6939030410