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+30 6939030410
+30 6939030410
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Your reliable business partner

Over 500 Russian individuals and companies so far have referred to us for advice on purchase of real estate and setting up their business in Greece.

We have been successfully cooperating for a long time with the biggest and most high-class Greek legal bureaus, real estate agencies, financial consultants, and banks, so we can contract the best experts to fulfil the needs of our customers.

Our services include:

- Consulting and assistance in real estate purchase

- Transaction support

- Advise on starting business in Greece

- Advise on working with Greek banks

- Representing the customer in banks and other commercial and government institutions

- Translation support

- Courier delivery, including gifts.

Assistance in providing business services to customers in Crete.


We provide revenue opportunities to those who don’t cut back on the most important things.

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+30 6939030410
+30 6939030410